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Gonna send this to my girlfriend for her to print out so Dante Basco can sign it when she meets him tomorrow at Metrocon! Wish I could go >< I also have a picture of Korra for Janet Varney to sign too :D!

"It was Tenzin and Your Father who Kept you Secluded": On Why Korra is Entirely Justified in her Anger with Tenzin


By now, most of the fandom has been hit with the following spoiler:

Korra, in the beginning of Book II: Spirits, has left Tenzin’s tutelage in favor of her Uncle’s.   This has caused a lot of unrest in the fandom, and a lot of anger directed at Korra.  It has been mostly chalked up to her being a “bratty teenage girl”— an extremely sexist  and shallow assessment, in my opinion.  As a matter of fact, it bothers me that the fandom seems to be under the reactionary impression that Tenzin, not Korra, is the victim in this situation.   I attest that the opposite is true: Tenzin, without ill intent but with horrendous irresponsibility and poor judgment, sacrificed Korra’s developmental health and wellbeing fourteen years ago in favor of a dead man’s memory, and is fully deserving or Korra’s anger.

Clarification Spoilers for Season Two under the cut.

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The Legend of Korra - Chapter One, Book Two…

Y’know, I’m being a good sport about it, I really am. But when you think about it, them showing the first episode of Book Two for literally 1% of the fan-base was completely unfair. I say this because we’ve been waiting JUST as long as they did. Excuse me for not having the money or time to travel across the country to the event. I would have LOVED to go, but a lot of us aren’t that fortunate.

It just seems really unsympathetic of them to do that, completely disregarding the people who couldn’t make it who are just as big of fans as the people who did. Like I said I’m being a good sport about this. Seriously.I really don’t mind waiting until September but I had to get this off of my chest. They should have had them wait for the episode, just like they’re having US wait. A lot of people feel left out over it.

As huge of a convention as SDCC is, it was still a bit unfair that they showed an entire first episode to such a small group of people (the group actually wasn’t small, but when you compare that group to the ENTIRE fan-base, they’re the size of an ant standing next to a fully grown human). They should have just showed the trailer, the three-minute sneak peek and given the release date to them instead just like they gave to us. THAT would have been fair especially considering they already get to meet the actors, the creators, get stuff signed by them and access to exclusive SDCC merchandise. COME ON.

They pretty much slapped the rest of us across the face when they showed them the first episode.


This is going to be me if the uploading of Korra Book 2, Episode 1 turns out to be fake.
Working on my fanart of Korra from Book 2. I like how it’s coming along so far. Hoping to finish her up soon :3


BREAKING NEWS: The Legend of Korra co-creator Bryan Konietzko just shared this art with us!
It’s to announce that they will be screening the entire, long-awaited first episode of Book 2 at the San Diego Comic-Con Korra panel, Friday at 11:15am in Ballroom 20!
Get in line early!!

Hey everyone, we can finally tell you that we will be screening a full episode at the panel this year!  That’s right, the entire first episode of Book 2!  We can’t wait to show you.  Bryan did this awesome artwork, inspired by Korra’s battle with a dark spirit in that episode.  
Also, nickanimationstudio has its own tumblr page now.  They plan to have a lot of cool, behind the scenes stuff of everything that goes on at the Nickelodeon studio where all the animated shows are made.